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Awww D:


& wooowwww…

I miss…

Melissa Camacho, Princess Berry, Alicia Arellano, Lycah del Rosario(Even though I saw her yesturday. LOL.), Celeste Sanchez, Scott Lee Bowman, Amy Lynn Lauriles, & a bunch more D:

I need to make plans to see these people.

Bahahah! Well I hope I see them soon D:

Oh yeah

& I’m addicted to FaceBook now…

Thank’s Lycah & Elyda…


Love you asians BAHAHA >:D


Do you have a right to get mad at a person that has no right & reason to be mad…

HELL YEAH!(not.)

She really needs to calm down.

I want my summer.

Or I should say. 

All of us want our summer to be drama free… Right?

So please don’t make it harder then it seems.


I have neglected Tumblr for a while. For some reason it loads suberbly slow. So I have it up. Well yeah.

& I hfound out I have ADD, ADHD, & OCD.

Which made Lycah happy. Idek why but it did.

& I hope Priscilla keeps her promise…